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High Uintas Bookshelf

A High Uintas Bookshelf

In this column we’ll list 2-4 interesting articles, books or the like that have caught our attention. They aren’t necessarily recent or recently read-- sort of a random compilation. Within a year, hopefully, we’ll have an established and detailed reading list. It won’t be complete without your additions. Please send suggestions and a descriptive sentence or two.

Our Final Hour. Sir Martin Rees. Basic Books. 2003.
Known for his breakthrough thinking in cosmology (Just Six Numbers, Before the Beginning and Our Cosmic Habitat), Rees has published a new book that suggests our inappropriate tinkering with environmental systems and our nearly blind adoption of technology adds to the very real likelihood that we are on a path to a catastrophic series of events. Very much worth a read even though he offers no concrete ways out of this Final Hour. It is a stunning reflection by one of the world’s most profound scientists. DC

Along Mountain Trails (and In Boggy Meadows): A Guide to Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers and Berries. Second Edition. Doreen M. Dorward and Sally R. Swanson. Boggy Meadows Press. Box 5129 Ketchum, ID 83340. l993.
On my hike into the Sawtooth Wilderness in August I spent a mesmerizing hour among the wildflowers of a lush, familiar meadow. Little did I know that I passed on the trail and would, later that evening, share a campfire dinner with new friend and author of this beautiful guidebook, Doreen Dorward. A local, talented photographer, Ms. Dorward’s lovely, conveniently arranged guide to the flowers of the Northern Rockies belongs in your backpack or on a shelf of often visited guides of the natural wonders of the forested West. MP

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