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High Uintas Bookshelf

A High Uintas Bookshelf

In this column we’ll list 2-4 interesting articles, books or the like that have caught our attention. They aren’t necessarily recent or recently read-- sort of a random compilation. Within a year, hopefully, we’ll have an established and detailed reading list. It won’t be complete without your additions. Please send suggestions and a descriptive sentence or two.

This month's reviews are by Dick Carter and Margaret Pettis.

The Yellowstone Wolves: The First Year. l996. Gary Ferguson. Falcon Press, Helena, MT
This lively, firsthand observation of the introduction of the Yellowstone wolves is an honest reflection of their critical year, l995. The decades of dreaming by the public, opposition by livestock owners, and the anguish and perseverance of biologists comes through the clear writing. Given our viewpoint from years later, that time seems nearly idyllic for the wolf. mp

Prodigal Summer. 2000. Barbara Kingsolver. HarperCollins.
Kingsolver has masterfully told a tale of a wildlife biologist's tracking and encounter with coyotes in Kentucky within the sensuous circle of life embodying the rites of spring. The author beautifully weaves together an enthralling love story and her deep appreciation of wild things. mp

The Triumph of Evolution and The Failure of Creationism. Niles Eldredge. 2001. Henry Holt and Company.
It is hard to imagine a more compelling and concise review of evolutionary theory and a complete dismantling of creationism as any kind of science! The book is short, just over 180 pages, so obviously evolutionary theories are summarized, with superb notations and a fine bibliography, but the disassembly of creationism is deep. Nonetheless, one of the best chapters in the book, "Can We Afford a Culture War?," lays out in compassionate detail that Eldredge understands the deep value of religion, faith and God. His concern is not with faith or spirituality but with the disingenuous attempts to connect creationism with science and force educators to teach the bible as science! He plainly notes science and faith when positioned properly are complimentary in the age old query of who, how and why we are. This is a fine book, wonderfully written, and worth reading. dc

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