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A near perfect day: a few flakes of snow in the early morning; by noon the autumn Uintas sun drenched us as we listened and questioned, shared philosophy and coffee and fruit, caught up with old friends and celebrated the Third Year of the High Uintas Preservation Council, an organization that welcomes the many voices of its members and friends.

Dick started a discussion about the beauty, simplicity and power of The Wilderness Act by noting this is the 35th anniversary of one of the most profound and pertinent pieces of legislation ever to grace Congress.

The only down-side of the day was that, although we had invited every District Ranger and Forest Supervisors from the Wasatch and Ashley (Jane Cottrell, Kamas District Ranger, and Pam Gardiner, Wasatch Deputy Forest Supervisor, did let us know they were unable to attend), not a single person from the Forest Service showed up.

To prime for the annual howl we talked a bit about ritual and its importance and once again started with the words of Barry Lopez from his story Drought in River Notes: "Finally Blue Heron spoke: We were the first people here. We gave away all the ways of living. Now no one remembers how to live anymore, so the river is drying up. Before we could ask for rain there had to be someone to do something completely s elfless, with no hope of success. You went after that fish, and then at the end were trying to dance. A person cannot be afraid of being foolish. For everything, every gesture, is sacred."

A lusty howl then sailed over the North Fork Duchesne River basin as 40 lovers of wildness and the High Uintas pulled from deep within their chests a call of the wild to match high, rocky Agassiz and Hayden Peaks beyond the chasm.

Thanks to Caffe Ibis of Logan for the shade grown coffee and to all of you for making Rendezvous 99!

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