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High Uintas Bookshelf

A High Uintas Bookshelf

In this column we’ll list 2-4 interesting articles, books or the like that have caught our attention. They aren’t necessarily recent or recently read-- sort of a random compilation. Within a year, hopefully, we’ll have an established and detailed reading list. It won’t be complete without your additions. Please send suggestions and a descriptive sentence or two.

This month's reviews are by Dick Carter
Lots of good short articles to peruse this time around:

International Journal of Wilderness. Vol. 13. No. 1. April 2007. Evaluation of Campsite Impact Monitoring. Tanner, Randy and George Nickas.

Conservation Magazine. April-June 2007. Aliens Among Us. Round Table with James H. Brown, Dov Sax, Daniel Simberloff and Mark Sagoff.
This is a wonderful set of short essays discussing the threats, problems and opportunities presented by invasive species as seen by four of the leading ecologists and philosophers.

Mother Jones. May/June 2007. Gone. Who will survive? Whitty, Julia.
This is worth a read as Mother Jones typically takes the space and effort to pursue a broad view of meaningful issues. This is a nice summary, easy to read, yet technical enough to satisfy your curiosity about just what is happening with this new and frightening great wave of extinction wrought by our utter arrogance.

ORION. March/April. 2007. The Idols of Environmentalism. Part I. Curtis White

ORION. May/June 2007. The Ecology of Work. Part II. Curtis White
These two articles have caused a stir as they strike at issues near and dear—can capitalism and a wild and green world ever mesh and how do we live our lives so the world can, indeed, be green and harbor wildness?
And three equally impressive books:

The Creation. An Appeal to Save Life on the Planet. E.O. Wilson. W. W. Norton. 2006.
This is simply a remarkable book written as a letter from one of the world’s most insightful biologists to a Southern Baptist pastor. The book starts with a salutation noting that as a young boy he too answered the altar call and “went under the water.” Explaining that he no longer believes, Wilson also notes he holds folks who do in high esteem and proceeds to lay out why those of faith should be leading the clarion call to protect the “Creation.” If people will read and listen to his stories, his appeal, the world would no doubt be a less divisive, more peaceful, more hopeful place with the Creation intact.

Brave New West. Morphing Moab at the Speed of Greed. Jim Stiles. University of Arizona Press. 2007.
What a great book! Stiles gets it—always has. It is funny and poignant, folksy and deep filled with as much hope as despair, but to be read— and at times hard to read because the mirror he holds up and makes us look into does not always show us the way we would like to be or believe we are! Nice job, Stiles!

Heal the Earth, Heal the Soul. Michael Frome. Bartram Books. 2007.
Mike Frome has been writing article about conservation, conservationists, wilderness and hope for decades. He is indeed an elder of deep spirit and the epitome of hope and goodness!

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