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Join Our Board Of Directors!

We really need your consideration. For HUPC to be as vigorous as we would like we need an active board of directors. HUPC is already composed of a lively and committed group of board members, but we would like to add 2-3 like-minded folks to our cadre!

It takes a commitment to the HUPC Vision and Mission Statements (on the covers of this newsletter). They frame who and what we are.

Board members are asked to conscientiously attend monthly board meetings (usually the first Friday of the month, 7- 9 PM). At least twice a year a longer (1/2 Saturday) board meeting will be held to do strategic planning and reflection! Between board meetings board members generally put an additional 2-3 hours of work on HUPC issues or projects; in other words, most board members probably put in 4-5 hours/ month.

Board members are asked to participate in issues and HUPC activities (rendezvous, conferences, etc.) All board members are asked to use whatever talents they have to raise money. All of these add to the sense of ownership of the organization. We also ask board members to commit themselves to at least two years.

That is the technical stuff. It is fun, sometimes uproariously funny. On more than one occasion we ve had to listen to bad poetry and singing. An annual board meeting is held in the High Uintas along with a backpack. Friendships and communities are built; board meetings are rotated through board members houses. Dogs, kids, spouses and others are welcome as long as they show more control than board members!

Most importantly, you are committing to assure the Uintas remain wild and are in the middle of some of the most complex, challenging and visionary conservation work in Utah.

Let us know if you are interested because you are welcome!

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