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Heard a discussion lately. It goes like this:

You got to have hope and we have to sell our positions more positively.

Okay, I said, I really have a lot of hope. Things are just peachy and getting better. I can’t think of one thing that isn’t improving. (It is very hard to even write this!)

Don’t be so damn cynical and negative. People are talking about sustainable growth. Green is becoming part of the real language. Our spirit is resilient.

What are we sustaining, growth forever and ever? Green may be in, like a t-shirt or grocery bag, but everyday it seems there is less wildness, more endangered species, a lot less room for anything that isn’t human. We do seem resilient, though,

at making sure there is less room for anything human, for moving the doomsday clock ever forward and bragging about it, for always wanting more and more of something and, oh yeah, don’t forget that shock and awe stuff.

You are impossible to talk to. You are so damn hopeless. Look at the response to Haiti. Look how we protected wolves and look how much wilderness there is and, don’t kid yourself, we can manage global warming. We have to.

Look at Haiti. How the hell did a country devolve so deeply? God didn’t do it, Haitians sure as hell didn’t. Maybe we need to look in our hearts-- you know, The Heart of Darkness. I’m sure wolves must love us now that we have established months and months of hunting seasons to make wolf rugs. I’m not sure wilderness is even relevant anymore because the wildness of wilderness is fully denigrated by this human global warming thing and it is probably too late to do a damn thing about global warming, anyway. We’ve ignored or denied it for so long. So you are right in that we have to manage it, but I know that will result in a lot less room for anything that isn’t human and a lot more Haitis. Now, how is that sustainable?

Yeah, things aren’t perfect. Never will be. We are taking steps to get there. Look at technology and the internet and science. Stents and shunts and hips and artificial hearts and drugs for everything. We are all connected with the web, man. Democracy flourishes. Think about it, do you remember the days when you had to stop and get out of your car to make a phone call at a phone booth?

Never rear-ended anybody in a phone booth, bub! And never thought I was so damned important that somebody had to hear my voice or read my Twittered little thoughts all day. The internet didn’t help democracy; it ended it. Talkin’ to the proverbial choir--I think you call it our ‘base.’ Without the internet or the web, we used to be able to organize not hundreds or thousand but hundreds of thousands and millions of people, often, to march and chant and demonstrate. Now you blog and call it the epitome of democracy and, irony of irony, now people don’t even have the attention span to read long blogs. Sort of like freedom of choice measures itself by how many stupid bottles of shampoo are on the grocery shelf! We’ve become utterly adept at shouting on that good old internet that love is hate, good is bad, peace is war. Science is cool-- as a process, not another religion, though. Good for the stents and shunts, I do need a hip (but am afraid of hospitals) and MRIs, and, oh yeah, the chemicals and the bombs and the drones and the never- ending array of guns, and corn that really isn’t corn and strawberries that really aren’t strawberries, and little nano-thingies, and artificial intelligence and artificial life. I know nature researchers who do research only on a computer and I know people who now backpack on Google! You know, science can’t answer a single important question...

Well, you know what really gets me with all of this doom and gloom, most of it pretty trite, if you ask me, is that you have always been the one to yammer about collaboration, consensus, even compromise! I have hope because I think it is about time we stand up for what is right; there is no room for compromise. As you say, we are losing everything and we have to stand firm. That is how the anti-wilderness, pro-timber, wolf-haters, global warming dim-heads behave and we must counter.

Yep, things are pretty bad and seem to be getting worse. You can’t talk to the Forest Service--look how they did the Ashley travel plan, how they dinked Utah Forest Service wild and scenic rivers and how they chase pine beetles around in the name of timber sales on the Uintas with the full knowledge that it is meaningless and how state wildlife mangers bow down to the hook and bullet club. The only truth seems to be political truth. Pretend. Hope. The Forest Service loves fundamentalists of all stripes; it allows them to never have to make tough decisions. Just one-sided and then get appealed or sued and do it again. Fundamentalism always has worked.

Various iterations of this discussion take place all of the time and always have, although it clearly is the prevalent kind of discussion today! Some of it is interpreted as the reason to participate because we have no choice; some as the reason to stand back and let the place go to the proverbial hell in a hand basket because we have no choice. Some have found God because of this discussion. Some have abandoned the very idea of God. One can be sure many will simply scoff at such a silly discussion.

Anybody want to add to it?

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