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On New Year’s Eve the Unitarian Church in Ogden overflowed with balloons, party horns, music and words of tales about a beloved friend of the HUPC family-- Art Roscoe. Cancer took another life. But oh, how Nancy Nightingale, half of the Nancy-Art marriage, helped us all try to ease the hurt and shock of losing Art! The launch was something we’ll all remember. The world is a notch dimmer without the effusive cheer of Art Roscoe.

Many have remembered Art through donations to HUPC, of which he was a founding board member extraordinaire (see LYNX, 2/2005.) To all of those friends and family members, we are grateful. It is with deep sadness that we know in our hearts the deep care of the earth, its wild places, and the joy of being IN THE WORLD that Art voiced is silent.

There was never anything stuffy or pedantic about Art. The joy of the moment was what mattered because Art loved people. When he told a story, or a joke, or took the circle of friends by surprise with a well- chosen limerick, his eyes met those of every single person who heard it and, if anyone stifled the urge to laugh while groaning over the punch line, the sparkle in Art’s eyes convinced him otherwise.

Art was the light of any gathering. The sound of that mellow, caring, intelligent voice will be hard to forget. Farewell, dear friend. We already miss you terribly.

Margaret Pettis

Art and Dick

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