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Two pretty simple words that we hope convey the profound appreciation we feel for YOU--the members of the High Uintas Preservation Council. Your passion for wildness and support for HUPC-- your wild voices--are overwhelming, always astounding.

Ranging from people who have just recently discovered the Uintas to folks who have been with us from the start-- the start being in the mid 70s. Think about that-- HUPC harbors relics! Members who we sat down with in living rooms and backyards in 1977 and are still active and giving and speaking and caring about wild places and wild critters in 2001. Not just a handful, but hands-full of people. Folks who helped put together the old High Uintas Wilderness Coalition. Folks who fought for and got Utah's only two wilderness bills-- the Endangered Wilderness Act (Lone Peak Wilderness) and the Utah Wilderness Act. Folks who tried to bring a fresh view to the never-ending BLM wilderness dispute and who have grappled with and led the discussion on the profound issues such as wildlife and fisheries management.

You are truly worthy folks and we are tethered tightly to that decency. We live in a world where the President wins an election by a margin of 5-4 and where we often forget that computers only give answers. We will continue to move on the path where wildness matters, so does cooperation, and that just because we disagree we aren't inherent enemies. We ask that you use your wild voice-- sometimes with a pen, sometimes with an email, sometimes on the phone, and hopefully in our annual howl/rendezvous on the edge of the High Uintas Wilderness.

You give us form. And we are grateful. But then again, we are you and you us. And we are all part of a bigger world, a world where Barry Lopez in River Notes writes of Blue Heron saying, "We were the first people here..." A moment later Blue Heron reminds us that the whole of the world is tied to one another and that the rain could not come to fill the river until someone does "something completely selfless..." And when we encounter that moment we discover, as Blue Heron promised, "A person cannot be afraid of being foolish. For everything, every gesture, is sacred."

Thank you.

Dick Carter

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