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A Warm Thanks To Our Members And Friends

Thank you, good members and friends of the High Uintas Preservation Council!

The High Uintas Preservation Council does not come from a word processor, or from a limping old coordinator (yours truly). The LYNX and its editor, Margaret Pettis, carry the history and the message, the web site and its master, Marty Steitz, open this history to all eyes and both do a remarkable and dignified job, and the board of directors-- Art Roscoe, Margaret Pettis, Connie Bullis, Marty Steitz, Mark McKeough, and Sharon Emerson (Megan Barker is on a sabbatical in Africa!)-- provide the resonance!

But the texture, the pattern, the foundation come from our members--YOU! Our voice sometimes singing, sometimes yelling, comes directly from your wild voices. It is your generosity that allows us to travel, taking your voice to Forest Supervisors, District Rangers, Regional Foresters, to do workshops, seminars, to initiate and join litigation, to do the alerts, the maps, the LYNX, the research, and the comments. Many of you join with us early in September to howl for wildness on the edge of the High Uintas Wilderness. But each letter you write, each act of wildness is a howl as well.

AND FOR THAT WE PROFOUNDLY THANK YOU. Our financial support comes only from our members, including a dozen or so Supporting Businesses. Without your support and your WILD VOICE the character of the High Uintas Preservation Council is hollow. So let us again THANK YOU!

It is not easy to find solace and hope in these days--cynicism is often the norm. Anger and intolerance wrap around folks so easily. And frankly, those in power love to see such cynicism and anger; it creates paralysis in that Everybody else is wrong and evil.

But we must find a way--hopefully HUPC, in its radical belief that your personal, wild voice matters, your pen and paper still mean something when it is your voice that guides and selects the words, the phrases, the substance-- out of this darkness. Wendell Berry speaks of hope as a duty. Vaclav Havel speaks of "genuine politics" as the "memory of being." Henry Beston tells us that wild beings and their homes are not brethren or underlings, but "other nations caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth."

And there you have it. Whether it is bearing witness, being startled by a pine marten dashing across a deep forested trail in the Uintas, or sitting on a silent, windless sunny afternoon on the edge of an alpine meadow, there exists life defined so deep in history that hope is the only outcome. And that hope comes from the brilliance of wildness and the vigor of your wild voice.

We thank you and wish you the best of a good winter.

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