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Why is Wilderness important to you? We want to hear from you, our members and friends. Send us your thoughts!
This month's reflections are by HUPC member Matt Lindon of Salt Lake City ("Wild, Open Places"), Yellowstone wolf devotee Wendy Johnson of Roy (Poetry), and HUPC board member/ LYNX editor Margaret Pettis
("Climb of the Aged.")

by Wendy Johnson

Echoing thunder claps
Roll along the mountains
Bone chilling wind
Swift, saturating clouds
Only the sound of fat rain
Soaking the thirsty earth
A low, lonely cry
It echoes slightly too
Where? Which way?
Silence and rain
Five minutes feels like forever
Almost holding your breath
Straining to hear
Then the Druids in the mist
Like ghosts, they answer
Everyone is grinning ear to ear,
Still straining to hear every note and tone.
Several yearlings and their uncle (#153)
And their father (#21)
Descend from the trees into the open
Stopping to sniff and dig at holes
Maybe ambushing of brothers
Or attack their favorite uncle.
All take turns, adding more feeling
To the song. Greetings all around.
Excitement and happiness seem high
Much tail wagging and licking.
Someone plays rough and goes too far
Quieter now, more finding spots
For such a meat drunk sleep.
But first a lullaby.
They still sing
My eyes fill at the sound
Her voice is noticeably missing
Forever lost
And yet they sing and I wonder...
Do they sing of her honor,
Courage and strength?
Do they sing of
How much she is missed?
I canít help but smile
And I'd like to think they sing
To and for her every day.

Wild, Open Places
by Matt Lindon

The earth is our god, our mother, our sustenance, our shelter and our salvation. We were created from the dust of the earth; we will eventually revert back to this dust. The earth, including the sun, sky, air and water, is what we are. It is what we eat, breathe, smell, see and feel. The delicate balance between the land and our existence has been obscured in the modern world by the hustle and bustle of technology and urbanization. Despite this de-evolution our instinctual ties to the land remain.

That is why it is so important to have Wilderness, where we can go and rekindle our natural connection to the earth. These are places where we can walk alone for days, drink from springs, live off the land, dance naked in the sun and make love under the stars. These lands are our refuge, places where we can truly be ourselves. Without Wilderness full of wild animals, we lose the wildness within us.

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