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ACTION UPDATE: Projects of the High Uintas Preservation Council

As you know, the West Fork Blacks Fork grazing predecisional Environmental Assessment is out (see THE LYNX, 4/99; HUPC Newsletter 6/98). We hope you wrote comments and saw our detailed paper and e-mail alert. These are also posted on the web site.

The East Trout Slope Timber Sale Environmental Impact Statement is also out (see HUPC Newsletter 10/98, and THE LYNX, 12/98, 2/99, 4/99). Comments are due August 30-- watch for an action alert from HUPC! It is a huge timber sale modified by the Ashley National Forest to eliminate all new road construction with the sale focusing only on already harvested sites.

On July 10 a bunch of HUPCers gathered in SLC to assist Community Shares/ Utah in putting out a massive mailing which will alert the public of this valuable way to donate to organizations of merit across the state. Thanks to Colleen Dinsdale, Ranie McBride, Lynette Brooks and Margaret Pettis for their time and effort.

Soon to be added to our web site will be a valuable tool of reference for HUPC members and readers: an index of issues that have absorbed our efforts for the past three years and have been covered by THE LYNX. You can handily access it there (as well in a future printed format in these pages). We sincerely thank Logan HUPC member Joan Labby for her continual updating of this index!

Speaking of the web site, our HUPC webmaster and former board member Marty Steitz and his family have settled into a great house near Minneapolis, where he continues to produce/update our web page. We encourage you to visit it often:WWW.HUPC.ORG. Thanks again, Marty!

If you would like to get the HUPC action alerts via email, just send us your address and we will be sure you receive these critical, timely notices in that mode. It sure is a quick way to bring an issue to your attention. Visit our website comments page and let us know!

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