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ACTION UPDATE: Projects of the High Uintas Preservation Council

  • We are still waiting for final decisions on the East Trout Slope Timber Sale (LYNX 10/99), the Evanston Ranger District's Travel Plan (LYNX 6/99), and the West Fork Blacks Fork Grazing Management Plan (LYNX, 4/99).
  • The Ashley National Forest just released a proposal to treat a number of eastern Uintas streams to kill nonnative fish and reintroduce native fisheries. While it sounds good on the surface, it is filled with gaping holes in biology, fisheries ecology, ecosystem management, philosophy and common sense. A phenomenal opportunity is being shoved aside to emphasize native fisheries in the High Uintas Wilderness in order to do piecemeal stream segment actions. We presented some of these concerns on a KSL-TV news report.
  • The Colorado cutthroat trout is in the process of being listed as a threatened and endangered species. We will focus on fisheries management issues in the next LYNX.
  • We met with Joe Bistryski, Duchesne/Roosevelt District Ranger, and Angie Mulder, Ashley National Forest Wilderness Coordinator, in Roosevelt and Heber to discuss wilderness management issues.
  • Every month we continue to meet with the Forest Service in SLC at their issues breakfast meetings.
  • On April 13, we will be in Vernal to present to the Uinta Mountain Club A Vision of the Uintas.
  • HUPC was a participant in the Kamas Issues Forum dealing with fire management issues.

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