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Marty Steitz and Family Head East

Marty Steitz, the original HUPC Board Member, creator of HUPC s website, Utah backcountry explorer, and all around funny man, is heading for a woodsy place, a house with a back porch and a small pub down the street... unfortunately it is out of St. Paul, Minnesota! Marty, Anne and kids are moving and leaving us with a great deal of wisdom and a friendship that will transcend the distance. While we are happy for Marty, he will be missed. He has a keen inner eye that has helped guide HUPC with integrity and dignity, not to mention a deep funny bone!

His wisdom is tied tightly to his humor which makes him even more remarkable. Some conservation group-- probably a prairie restoration organization-- will shortly get his spirit and will soon know what we know!

Take care in your travels, good friend. We already know how well you take care of friends and family! Come back to the Uintas frequently. And remember the poetry of Christopher Buckley, Speculation in Dark Air. We can t reprint the whole poem here, but the last few lines are important as a send-off:

...and what we have arriving is an unsourced drive of light, the window dressing of the past in suspended present tense? Everything being relative, galaxies grow tired before our eyes, weary finally in their floss and chorus. And though there's nowhere else for us but in the rucksack of our flesh, though we stare boldly to Andromeda or the Corona Borealis, our breath sends up its small white flags, ultimately surrendering our airy conceits, as we stand on this side of the dark, shivering like the grass or like the stars.


Dick Carter and the Board of Directors of the High Uintas Preservation Council

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